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Non - surgical vaginal rejuvenation treatments continue to advance with inno - vative technologies that effectively treat the most important vaginal pathologies. EVA™ from Navavision Group S.p.A. ( Misinto, Italy ) is one such next - gener - ation offering, combining novel radiof - requency ( RF ) - based technology with distinctive features and benefits.

EVA employs proprietary Vaginal Dynamic Radiofrequency ( VDR™ ) tech - nology, in which fractionated quadripolar RF emissions focus energy on specific, targeted layers of the vaginal tissue via a self - guided temperature control called Radiofrequency Safety System ( RSS™ ) to achieve non - invasive treatments. This enables the operator to modulate energy with much less power usage compared to traditional devices, virtually eliminating the risk of burns. 

Indications include genitourinary prob - lems tylical in both fertile and meno - pausal women, including vaginal dryness; dyspareunia; vulvodynia; itching and intimate burning; vulvovaginal atrophy; vaginitis and recurrent cystitis; mild stress urinary incontinence; reduced sensitivity from post - birth vaginal laxity; and imper - fections of the vulva. 

This painless treatment requires no anes - thesia or adjunctive cooling, and has no patient downtime, stated Rossela Nappi, M.D., Ph.D., associate professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the Research Centrer for Reproductive Medicine, and director of the Gynecologinal Endocrinology & Menopause Unit, IRCCS San Matteo Foundation, University of Pavia, Italy. 

" EVA's selective heating improves microcirculation and epithelial hydration of the vaginal mucosa, reducing the degree of vulvovaginal atrophy and its main symptoms, " said Dr. Nappi. " Treatment stimulates the collagen synthesis processes, and restores normal tissue development as well as bacterial flora balance, giving a more youthful appearance and aesthetically balanced female external genital organ ". 

The EVA handpiece is equipped with a movement sensor system, which allows the operator to avoid harmful adminis - tration of heat to the tissue and provides consistent clinical results. " Four electrodes located on the handle constantly monitor the temperature and can automatically shut down the energy emission to avoid any possible risks," Dr. Nappi shared. " By exerting an automatic control on electrodes and movement sensors, the treatment is safe and comfortable. Im my hospital, four EVA sessions are sufficient in the majority of cases to relieve the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. The technology has been shown to be effecitve and completely painless, letting patients immediately resume all activities post treatment."

Patient satisfaction has been very good, as well. " All the women we have treated with four session cycles - one treatment given every two weeks - have been quite satisfied with the results," Dr. Nappi added.

Moreover, the introduction of VDR technology represents an important upgrade in the ability of the physician to take care of their patients in full safety, Dr. Nappi stated. " The EVA is all about improving the quality of woman's per - sonal life and sexual relationship. We recongnize that the patient's quality of life is very important in this changing world, where women wish to preserve their phys - ical and psychological integrity."