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The SONICPHOR technology, conceived by NOVAVISION GROUP, is an innovative system allowing for a safe and effective lipolysis treatment for localized fat deposits and cellulite. 

Sonicphor also allows for non - surgical applications based on low frequency sonication. The SCP, Sonication Controlled Program technology combines hardware and software functions, to make the SONICPHOR - based treatments safe.

The connective tissue massage system stimulates the skin mechanically thanks to rhythmic suction - and - release actions.

The unique BODYKA Plus device features an Auto - Scanning and Auto - Tuning System, in order to have always the best performance. 

- The machine is equipped with sensors that stop the ultrasound emission if they perceive that the instrument is not properly handled.

- Safety and comfort for both operator and patient are also guaranteed, as well as th absence of side effects, thanks to the several screening systems of the handle and to the use of a foot - driven control that prevents ultrasounds from being issued involuntarily.