Ứng Dụng


- The synergy of ultrasonic waves and connective tissue massage provide a reduction of subcutaneous fat thanks to a lipolytic and draining action. 

The treatment is easy to perform and it is absolutely risk and side - effect free, providing concrete results from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Combined with scientifically tested procedures and methods, the treatment is quick, safe, effective and painless; concrete, visible and enduring results are achieved from the very beginning.

Medical application fields

- Localized fat

- Edemato - fibro - sclerotic panniculopathy ( P.E.F.S )

- Lipomas

This treatment is carried out before surgical removal, in order to reduce the size of the lipoma and of the scar.

- Reshaping

Localized liposculpture to reshape the silhouette.

- Drainage

- Vascularization 

Main features


- SCP control system

- Auto - tuning system

- Auto - Scanning system

- Connective tissue massage system

- Safety for both operator and customer thanks to SCP

- Multiple user - defined emission mode

- Safe, quick, effective and painless treatment