Giới Thiệu

BODYKA Plus is the non - invasive technologic alternative to surgical liposuction to effectively and specifically treat localized fat and cellulite. BODYKA Plus is based on low frequency sonication of ultrasonic waves, and it is combined with the sonophoresis and the connective tissue massage procedures. 

BODYKA Plus has been devised to combine the SONICPHOR TECHNOLOGY with an exclusive technique for treating the connective subcutaneous tissue by performing a controlled endodermic massage. 

Ứng Dụng


- The synergy of ultrasonic waves and connective tissue massage provide a reduction of subcutaneous fat thanks to a lipolytic and draining action. 

The treatment is easy to perform and it is absolutely risk and side - effect free, providing concrete results from both an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Combined with scientifically tested procedures and methods, the treatment is quick, safe, effective and painless; concrete, visible and enduring results are achieved from the very beginning.

Medical application fields

- Localized fat

- Edemato - fibro - sclerotic panniculopathy ( P.E.F.S )

- Lipomas

This treatment is carried out before surgical removal, in order to reduce the size of the lipoma and of the scar.

- Reshaping

Localized liposculpture to reshape the silhouette.

- Drainage

- Vascularization 

Main features


- SCP control system

- Auto - tuning system

- Auto - Scanning system

- Connective tissue massage system

- Safety for both operator and customer thanks to SCP

- Multiple user - defined emission mode

- Safe, quick, effective and painless treatment

Thông Số Kỹ Thuật



POWER SUPPLY 220 ÷ 240 Vac 50/60 Hz
Power draw 600 VA
Fuses 2 x T3, 15A
Ultrasound frequency Nominally 40 KHz, with auto - tuning electronic system on the connected handle
Emission mode Fixed frequency ( auto - tuned ) 10% scan regulation in relation to the auto - tuning frequency
Auto - tuning system Microprocessor - controlled system detecting the best resonance frequency for the connected ultrasound emission device
SCP ( Sonication Controlled Program ) System The special technology includes all the sonication system controls, making it safe and effective.
 Ultrasonic flow User - defined and settable to up to 3W / cm2
 Endodermic massage handle Handle features 12 rollers
Vacuum User - defined and settable from - 50 mBar to -850 mBar
Vacuum air flow 50 lt / min
Vacuum filter system Two - stage filter for air filtering and to recover oils in excess
Time of treatment from 1' to 99' or continous
Programmers Pre - set and customized programmes can be set
Sonicphor settable parameters

- Emission mode

- Time for dulty cycle ON

- Time for dulty cycle OFF

- Emission power

Vacuum settable parameters

- Vacuum active time

- Vacuum level during active time

- Vacuum pausing time

- Vacuum level during pausing time

- 3 levels of pulsed vacuum 

Parameters setting

Parameters can be set from the menu through the rotating encoder with built - in button


- Rotating encoder with button for selecting and setting the parameters

- Start and reset buttons

- Foot - driven control for ultrasound emission

Safety devices

- Key switch for machine power - up

- Emergency pushbutton

- SCP ( Sonication Controlled Program ) System

- Vacuum sensor

Display of parameters Back - lit led display 240 x 128
Operating temperature From 10ºC to 35ºC
Relative operating humidity From 30% to 75%
Operating pressure 500 mBar ÷ 1060 mBar
Dimensions W 45 x H 107 ( 180 with support ) x D 43 cm
WEIGHT 32 kg

Ưu Điểm

The SONICPHOR technology, conceived by NOVAVISION GROUP, is an innovative system allowing for a safe and effective lipolysis treatment for localized fat deposits and cellulite. 

Sonicphor also allows for non - surgical applications based on low frequency sonication. The SCP, Sonication Controlled Program technology combines hardware and software functions, to make the SONICPHOR - based treatments safe.

The connective tissue massage system stimulates the skin mechanically thanks to rhythmic suction - and - release actions.

The unique BODYKA Plus device features an Auto - Scanning and Auto - Tuning System, in order to have always the best performance. 

- The machine is equipped with sensors that stop the ultrasound emission if they perceive that the instrument is not properly handled.

- Safety and comfort for both operator and patient are also guaranteed, as well as th absence of side effects, thanks to the several screening systems of the handle and to the use of a foot - driven control that prevents ultrasounds from being issued involuntarily.